The modern Men’s Shed is an updated version of the shed in the backyard that has long been a part of the UK culture. Men’s Sheds are springing up all around the UK and internationally.

Not all Men’s Sheds are the same: if you looked inside you might see a number of men making furniture, perhaps restoring bicycles for a local school, making bird boxes, fixing lawn mowers or making items for a charity to raffle. You might also see a few young men working with the older men obtaining new skills and learning something about life from the men with whom they work. You will see teabags, coffee cups and a comfortable area where members and visitors can sit and talk. You may also see an area where members can draw, paint or learn to cook for themselves, or how to contact their families by computer.


A community-based, non-profit, non-commercial organization that is accessible to men (mainly, but not exclusively) and whose primary activity is the provision of a safe and friendly environment where members are able to work on meaningful projects at their own pace in their own time in the company of others. A major objective is to advance the wellbeing and health of members.

Men’s Shed have now become one of the most powerful tools in addressing health and wellbeing for helping men to once again become valued and productive members of our community.


To make a place where men or women , from all walks of life and abilities, can share their life experiences and skills with others, and in doing so, make new friends and enhance lives and the local community as a whole.

Men’s shed is a generic term not for men only.